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Three Islands Golf Combo

Travel in style to 3 islands for an amazing golf adventure you and your friends will never forget. Golf on the Big Island, then your choice of Maui or Lanai and finish off on Kauai.

You will fly in a sleek Beechcraft King Air E90, an aircraft with great reputation for safety and reliability in the aviation industry. It is a quiet comfortable turbo-prop with a pressurized, air-conditioned cabin. There is no waiting in long security lines. You get out of your car and go right on to the aircraft just like you have your own private airplane.

Oahu (Honolulu) >>> Big Island (Kona) >>> Maui (Kahului) or Lanai (Lanai) >>> Kauai (Lihue) >>> Oahu (Honolulu)

Duration: 2 nights 3 days (Includes green fees & hotel accommodation)
Days of Operation: 7 days a week*
Maximum Capacity : 6 passengers with golf clubs
Minimum Passengers : 4
Subject to Availability

Price: $2299.00/per person
No oversized golf bags
Also available for Private Charter

Secure Reservation

Click on calendar to choose date: 

Date Selected:

(Please note: format of date is Day-Month-Year)

Number of Adults:

GE Tax (4.712%) will be added to the price above.
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Beechcraft King Air E90

We use a Beechcraft King Air E90. It is a quiet, comfortable, turbo-prop which has a great reputation for safety and reliability in the aviation industry. In fact, most flight take 30 minutes or less

The aircraft is not only pressurized, but also air-conditioned and has rotating polarized windows to cut out annoying glare from the sun. We can carry up to 9 passengers.

Relax and Keep your Shoes On!


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