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Aloha & Welcome to Waikiki!
Aloha & Welcome to Waikiki!
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What's the weather like in Hawaii? Do we need to rent a car? What should I pack? Where can I rent a surfboard? What's a Spam Musubi? Where's the best place to hangout at night? What do we need to do to get married in Hawaii? What's new in Waikiki? Where are the best places to eat, shop and play?

We'll answer these questions and much much more in our insiders Guide to Waikiki & Hawaii. Other features of our insiders GUIDE?

The history of Waikiki

From Kamehameha the Great to Elvis Presley, find out the rich history of Waikiki from swampy farmlands to royal playground and how it became one of the most famous destinations in the world.
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What's new in Waikiki?

Waikiki is in the midst of an amazing revitalization. From the renovations of the two historic hotels - The Moana and The Royal Hawaiian Hotel to nightly torch lighting & hula shows. Learn about how Waikiki is coming alive with the history, culture and the beauty of Hawaii making it a very exciting place to visit. There is also the new show Waikiki Nei that will debut July 2008 at the Royal Hawaiian Center.
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Destination Weddings Waikiki

Waikiki is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the world. You can have your dream wedding on the beach with friends and family and your romantic honeymoon all in beautiful Hawaii. Find out what you need to get started on your dream wedding in paradise!
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Eat like a local

The pinepple and sugar planation era brought many cultures together to make Hawaii's cuisine one of the most exciting and diverse on the planet. Don't miss the local flavor that is as much of Hawaiian culture as the hula. From a mixed plate lunch with mac salad and two scoops of rice, a yummy SPAM musubi, to shave ice - you will find many more reasons to fall in love with Hawaii.
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