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Aloha & Welcome to Waikiki!
Aloha & Welcome to Waikiki!
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Experience Waikiki's scenic beauty and breathtaking sunsets by taking a dinner cruise. You will see Honolulu's cityscape and the vast ocean all around. The piers at Aloha Tower and Kewalo Basin hosts several large dinner cruise vessels, including the world's largest Polynesian catamaran.

These cruises sail just off the Waikiki shoreline around Diamond Head point before heading back. Most offer steak and seafood dinners and expect an exciting Polynesian show and dancing to top of the evening. Fun for the family and a must for honeymooners!

Dinner Cruise Listings

Waikiki.com Sunset Dinner Cruises Hawaii

Star of Honolulu

Star of Honolulu cruises offer guests one of the best ways to experience the island's beauty, culture and aloha spirit. Choose from four dinner cruises.

Five Star Sunset Dining and Jazz - Starting From $197.00
Three Star Sunset Dinner & Show - Starting From $145.00
Star Sunset Dinner Cruise - Starting From $106.00
Pacific Star Sunset Dinner & Show - Starting From $95.00
Learn More & Book these Dinner Cruises Online >

Hy's Steak House

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