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Explore Kualoa Ranch by horseback to explore its natural beauty and culture.

Explore one of Oahu's most historically significant destinations where it was once a residence of kings, a place of refuge and sanctuary and a training ground for royalty who were intructed in the arts of war, history and social traditions.

Enjoy magnificent vistas as you ride on horseback across Kualoa Ranch's 4,000 acre cattle ranch. Your ride will take you across pastures and wooded trails to a scenic overlook above an 800 year old Hawaiian Fishpond. Then, visit gorgeous Ka'a'awa Valley where movies like Jurassic Park, Windtalkers, 50 First Dates as well as TV series like Lost were filmed.

Kualoa Ranch Horseback Riding, ATV Adventures

Horseback Riding

Horseback tours are just one of the unforgettable activities you can enjoy at beautiful Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa's horseback tours combine that special bond with horses with the most spectacular scenery on Oahu. On horseback, riders take different trails beneath the cliffs and overlooking the ocean.

One Hour Tour - See the southern half of the ranch. Vistas of the famed "Chinaman's Hat" (Mokoli'i island) and an ancient 800 year-old Hawaiian fishpond accompany the great feeling of spending time riding horses.

Keiki Rides Age 3-9

Our friendly and knowledgeable guides will help keiki enjoy riding and begin to understand how to relate to horses.

This is a nice introduction to horses for those children who are too young to go on the regular horseback tour.

Children are led around on their own horse for about 5 minutes.

ATV All Terrain Vehicle Tour

See Kualoa Ranch up close and personal! Navigate your ATV through trails deep into scenic valleys and to remote areas rarely visited by others. Our ATV tours go out rain or shine - diggin' through the dirt and crossing seasonal streams are part of the fun!

One and two hour tours are available. Our one hour tour will take you over a saddle trail to visit a movie set and explore a WWII bunker converted to an exhibit of Kualoa Ranch's movie history.

Our two hour tours, for more experienced riders, take you even deeper into the ranch's secret spots.

About Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa has been considered from ancient times to be one of the most sacred places on Oahu. Learn about our rich history and experience the natural beauty.

Kualoa today is a working ranch with 600 head of cattle and more then 100 horses. Farming ventures on the ranch also include aquaculture ponds, flower fields, and plant nursery operations. The Kualoa Nursery and Gardens is located next to Tropical Farms.

Kualoa Ranch also offers tours and field trips to local schools, including a petting zoo, children's horseback riding, aquaculture tours, hiking tours, a food sources tour, a roping course, and camping trips.

In addition to adventure activities and tours for individuals and families, the Kualoa Ranch is available for weddings, group tours, and other special events.

History of Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa is one of the most historically significant destinations on Oahu. Ancient Hawaiians considered Kualoa one of the most sacred places on Oahu. It was a residence of kings, a place of refuge and sanctuary - a pu`uhonua - and a training ground for royalty who were instructed at Kualoa in the arts of war, history and social traditions.

In 1850, Kamehameha III sold approximately 622 acres of land in Kualoa and all its fishing rights offshore (which included Mokoli`i or Chinaman's Hat) to Dr. Gerritt P. Judd. (Dr. Judd was a missionary doctor who arrived in Hawaii in 1837 and was a personal advisor to Kamehameha III.)

Then, additional acreage in Hakipu`u and Ka`a`awa were purchased by Dr. Judd from the Wilder family. This purchase increased the size of the estate to the 4,000 acres it is today and is now under the Morgan Family name, who are Dr. Judd's descendants.

This estate, Kualoa Ranch, was so named in 1927 and has been used for various purposes over the last eight decades. During World War II, some of the lands of this estate was used as an auxiliary airstrip with many of the large monkeypod trees providing natural hangars for small planes.

The current family owners strive to be role model stewards of the 'aina (land), by preserving and protecting it from development.

KUALOA NAME: Kualoa means 'long back'; the ranch is full of beautiful valleys and mountain peaks.

KANEHOALANI: The shroud of sacredness born by Kualoa, in great part exists because of the majestic mountains rising from it.

The highest peak atop the Kualoa ridge called Kanehoalani, towers 1900 feet skyward and means "Kane's heavenly companion".

The photo above was taken from the air in front of the ahupua`a of Kualoa. The beachfront area extended out much further then than it does now.

There were very few homes along the beach, the pastures were sparse with trees but the beauty remains the same today. Circa: 1926.

Sugar Mill operated between 1863 - 1870

The Kualoa Sugar Mill was built by Charles H. Judd and Samuel G. Wilder in 1863. The mill was closed around 1870 after years of meager rainfall that effectively brought an end to sugar farming here.

What To Know

No Transportation in price.

Tours are generally not cancelled due to rain or wind, unless it becomes a safety issue. For ATV and other tours, a poncho is available for purchase at the country store. For Horseback Tour, Kualoa Ranch will offer a special raincoat so as not to spook the horse.

Horseback riders must be at least 10 years old, 4'6" tall and under 230 pounds.

ATV riders must be 16 years of age or older.

Bring covered shoes, long pants and sunscreen.

Kualoa Ranch Full Day Adventures are operated by Kualoa Ranch Hawaii.

*Waikiki.com shall not be liable to any individual utilizing these tour programs for delays, injury, loss, accident or damage to persons or property beyond its control. Natural phenomena are random and out of the control of the tour operator. Prices, features and/or menu are subject to change without notice.

For Reservations

In order for us to process your request for reservations fully, we advise placing your order for Waikiki.com tours and activities at least 48 hours before the tour date. Please confirm your reservation a minimum of 24 hours beforehand either online or by phone. Mahalo!

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*Waikiki.com shall not be liable to any individual utilizing these tour/activity programs for delays, injury, loss, accident or damage to persons or property beyond its control. Natural phenomena are random and out of the control of the tour provider. Prices, features and/or menu are subject to change without notice.

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Kualoa Ranch 2 Hour Horseback Adventure

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